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Link for 14 day plan



  • Pattie Lee Pierce


    as with the customer above, I have not been able to access my 14 day plan. It takes me to the sign in page and then says my username or password is wrong. I request a new password and it takes me here. I try the 14 day link and everything is wrong again.

    following is my order ID and Date. Please advise how to access my purchase.

    thank you,

    Pattie Pierce

    Order ID  : DRK-202005151419-433891
    Order Date: 15 MAY 2020 14:19:46
  • martha oddie

    This  is happening to me also. I'm glad I only spent a dollar

  • David Turek

    Same for me.  What gives?

  • Carroll Blair

    Me, too. Is this a scam?

  • Shirley Briggeman


    same for me... why can't I get into it???  No link comes... big circle of emails/ new password/ to this page!!!!



  • Cheryl Anderson

    Me too! I signed up July 31, 2022 and have tried and retried to access my books, meal plans, etc. Like the others, I've signed in only to get an incorrect user or password message, I've requested password changes, and they bring me to this page. Why can't I access but any of the others I've paid for. It's time to involve customer service or figure out how to get my money back.


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